Keeping up with the new trends in the industry, the future of Mini LED can be expected
Release date: 2022-05-19

2022 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The international situation is turbulent, chaos and turmoil are spreading everywhere, and domestic epidemics are emerging one after another, which also brings more uncertainties to industrial growth, especially the sudden change in product and technology trends. Changes, demand upgrades... How the LED display industry will "climb and conquer" has become the focus of the industry!

On May 18, Xingjiashuo held the "2022 Xingjiashuo LED Display Innovation Application and Mini RGB Commercialization Conference" in Shenzhen, which built a platform for the industry to convey wind direction and connection. Longcheng Technology focuses on the research of intelligent equipment and The automated whole-line system solution, and its Mini LED/Micro LED core process is at the leading level in the industry. Our technicians bring product information and industry experts to the conference.

Through this seminar, which gathered great celebrities, we have strengthened our confidence in the research and development of Mini LED equipment. Although it is currently affected by the situation at home and abroad, it cannot resist the enthusiasm of LED display. At present, the industry is stepping on a large market. From small spacing to micro spacing, excellent technology and promising products are needed, and these demands also bring a new growth curve to the industry. At present, our thermal curing furnace is the only mass-produced DAM, FILL, and UNDERFILL curing equipment in the Mini LED industry, which is used in leading enterprises at home and abroad.

Mini / Micro LEDSuper clean curing oven

Product height: 0-8mm
Number of products: 800
PCB size(L*W): 405*305mm
Product Advantages:
① Through the rigorous test of the market and evolution, creating a stable and mature process
②Temperature condition Room temperature~250℃Temperature uniformity±5℃
③ 3D modular design, effective space saving, effective production collocation
④ Efficient cleanliness class CLASS1000

Multifunctional dust-free stove

Product height: 1.0-20mm
Product Quantity: 100 internal storage boards
PCB size(L*W): 100x100-600*500mm
Equipment weight: 2150 Kg
Product Advantages:
① Dust-free class Class 1000
② Intermittent motion (minimum tempo 15S, tempo adjustable according to different product requirements)
③ Accurate temperature control ±2℃
④ PCB board temperature distribution deviation ±2℃ (3mm aluminum plate test)

Vertical Curing Oven

Product height: 1.0-8mm
Product Quantity: 80 internal storage boards
PCB size(L*W): 100x100-400*350mm
Equipment weight: 2150 Kg
Product Advantages:
① Intermittent motion (minimum tempo 7S, tempo adjustable according to different product requirements)
② Small footprint
③ Accurate temperature control ±2℃

The above products are widely used in Mini LED packaging curing, underfill curing, potting curing and other processes. In the future, we will keep up with the development trend of the industry, continue to innovate and develop, and always provide customers with highly competitive products.

Focus on MiniLED · Strongly help enterprises lead the way

With the Suzhou headquarters as the center, Longcheng Technology has formed a national R&D, design, production and service network covering Jiangxi, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Chongqing, Chengdu and other places. At the same time, it has established branches in the United States, Thailand and Vietnam. In order to further expand the field of Mini LED, a 1680㎡ workshop was set up in the Shenzhen office in April this year to provide customers with customized automated non-standard design solutions, production delivery, assembly and debugging, equipment display and after-sales service. The company's business currently covers MiniLED curing oven, 3C electronics, semiconductors, new energy, smart factories and other fields.

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