Longcheng Technology was commended by the People's Government of Linhu Town, Wuzhong District
Release date: 2022-02-10

On the afternoon of February 10, 2022, Linhu Town held the 2021 annual comprehensive assessment work summary and style construction conference.

The meeting summarized and reviewed the economic and social development of the town in 2021, and commended the advanced collectives, advanced individuals and outstanding enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to Linhu's economic and social development in various fields in the past year. Li Zhen, secretary of the town party committee, and Zhu Qiuyao, deputy secretary of the town party committee and mayor of the town, delivered speeches.

At the conference, Longcheng Technology was honored as

2021-2022 "Excellent Real Economy Enterprise" and "High Growth Technology Enterprise".

2021 has passed, and 2022 has set sail. Thanks to the government's strong recognition and encouragement, we will take the "starting is a sprint, and the beginning is a decisive battle" as mentioned in the speech of Secretary Li Zhen today. An example, motivated by striving to be the first. Forge ahead in a higher development coordinate, move forward firmly on the road of better development, advocate hard work on the platform of faster development, work hard, and do not wait!

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